Unplug Your Family

One of the biggest motivations for our crew to take our life on the road was to reconnect with each other as a family and strengthen our relationships with the Lord. I find it harder and harder to do this when so much of our day is consumed with screen time of all kinds. Smart phones, tablets, computers, videos, and i-everything can eat up the hours in a day before you know it. Enter: Mom-guilt. I preach at my Roadschool 101 crew about the importance of time unplugged. But, I have realized that if I want my family to unplug… I, too, must unplug. Lead by example.

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 1Corinthians 11:1

I started this year with my focus word: intentional. I seem to have strayed from this point of light in my day so I am going back to revisit its meaning. I want to establish intentional time with each member of my family. In order to do that, many of the distractions and stresses from our everyday routines must be swept away, for part of the day anyway.

Many of our days over the next few months will be spent as traveling days. Check out the Road Trip Teacher’s Best 10 Road Trip Games in the RV with no batteries required! My gang has already used the free printables for the license plate game and the star-spangled mad lib.

Enjoy your family Road Moms. This day is a gift that will never be given to you again.

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