Great Expectations

Great expectations are easy to come by and hard to live with. No matter how many people tell you how much you DO NOT need when traveling on the road, it takes your own experiences to come to this realization. You don’t even have to be behind the wheel of an RV to take advantage {Read More…}

Are you pitiful or powerful?

I have had lots of blessings and good fortunes in my life… not just the obvious ones, like healthy kids or financial success. But, all kinds of good things have been bestowed upon me in my lifetime that I am thankful for. I was fortunate to meet all four of my grandparents and all four {Read More…}

No More Nagging! 3 Simple Words

Well it’s only the first week into my Polly Positive New Year with my INTENTIONAL plan for parenting, as well as other areas of my life. And, I want to stay in bed, in my pajamas, with a box of Whitman’s chocolates that I swear is calling my name from a sack which I hid {Read More…}