Summer is important

We’ve eased back into a few school projects here in our rig gearing up for Back to School or Not Back to School. I’m not sure how we really look at that here in our roadschool environment. I know many public school corporations around the country have gone to a “balanced” calendar or year-round schedule. *Whew* I’m so glad we are off that merry-go-round. (No disrespect intended.) We will start an organized scheduled of learning activities next week after Labor Day.

I believe summer is important. Yep, I’m all for sleeping in on breezy summer mornings. Staying up watching the stars (or in our case a few weeks ago the meteor shower), I know, is just as educational and memorable as memorizing the order of the planets in the solar system. It’s true, I’d rather my kiddos feel their toes making an imprint in the cold, wet mud in the rain than read all about the physical science description of how it’s done. Call me crazy. That’s ok. I believe that my kids learn all in due time. In fact, I am confident that the life experiences we are pursuing at this season of their lives will encourage them to learn more deeply about the areas that interest them and that they are good at in the future. Somewhere along that timeline, they will learn the multiplication table, and the states and capitals, and the accomplished feeling of writing a thesis.

Until then, we will continue to learn as we go at our own pace and I will be thankful for each and every second of each and every day that I am fortunate to spend with the four little sponges that I am teaching, as they teach me, in our rig on the road.

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