Spiced Nuts Surprise

We enjoyed our trip to the Keys last week. The weather was beautiful, the company was awesome, and the RV park was so accommodating. After meeting up with another Fulltime Family (the oh-so-fun Travaglino’s), our kids weren’t exactly ecstatic about going back to Ft. Myers to snowbird central. Coincidentally, I had the same dread about the next leg of our adventure. We found a great spot at Cypress Woods on the lake so the boys can fish. It’s a beautiful spot and the park has lots of amenities; although, admittedly a majority of the population is older than us. We arrived late after dark (shocking, I know). The next morning, our neighbor stopped over to welcome us. She expressed her excitement she felt when she seen my kids on the lake early the first morning. Not exactly what I expected!

Later the next day, I took over part of a coconut cake. This morning, the same neighbor and her husband reciprocated with this super yummy bowl of homemade spiced nuts. They tasted wonderful and the their thoughtfulness was touching. As we visited, we found out that this couple have been full timers for 14 years. They sold their house out east over a decade ago and never looked back. It was an encouraging conversation to talk with them. It was such a pleasure and my kids were ecstatic to hear their stories.

As I sit here this morning, nibbling on spiced nuts, I am thankful yet again for this life we are living on the road. This confirmation reminds me that God has called us to peace. He wants to bless us and for us to have joy. Fear and pessimism does not come from above. It only breeds depression and anxiety about the worst possible outcome of any situation.

I am determined to stay on this journey for which we have started. Looking forward to the road untraveled and counting all of our blessings will be the purpose of each and every day. Who knew that a neighborly bowl of spiced nuts could be such a revelation. For the spiced nuts recipe, check out the recipe box. For the daily living recipe, I turn to Phillipians 4:6,

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

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