Ready… Set… Roadschool!

The Road Trip Teacher has a bag of roadschool tricks. We do not go anywhere without the Road Trip Teacher bag. Because we love lapbooks, items in our bag reflect this style of learning. We take this bag wherever we go and always have what we need for the next learning roadtrip.

Roadschool Tools of the Trade

The most important component in the bag is writing tools. To be creative, the Roadschool 101 crew has a large variety of different writing utensils in different textures and colors.  Currently, the Road Trip Teacher carries several sharpened pencils, mechanical pencils, black pens, several different colored pens, crayons, colored pencils, slim markers, fat markers, Papermate Flair markers, and our favorite:  Sharpie writing markers.


Our absolute must-have markers are a set of Sharpie fine-point markers. We keep the basic eight colors in the bag for journaling.


Adhesives are a big part of lapbooking. A variety of those are also essential to our roadschool bag including glue sticks, tape runner (and refill), Scotch tape, double-sided tape, packing tape, liquid glue, and adhesive squares.


We always keep a pair of scissors for each learner plus an extra in the bag.


Different fasteners are important when lapbooking so a stapler, hole punch, metal rings, rubber bands, and brads are found in the bag.


Some other miscellaneous accessories we usually carry are a calculator, deck of cards, double dice, flash cards, and hand sanitizer.


At least one book that we are currently reading aloud is always in our roadschool bag along with a Kindle (for other reading projects going on) and an iPad for the many educational apps that we enjoy on the road. A few sets of headphones/earbuds are handy so audio is accessible privately from electronic devices.


An assorted number of brightly colored file folders and cardstock are essential to lapbook making as well as notebook paper for journaling or list-making.


Of course, we always have at least four lapbooks in progress that are available in the bag for easy access wherever we are. The Ultimate Roadschool Guides are kept handy as well in case we run into someone who doesn’t have a copy of this free resource!


The Road Trip Teacher bag itself is a Thirty-One Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote with a Fold ‘n File insert. I absolutely love this bag. Besides my life learners, it’s my #1 favorite thing about my roadschool! I ordered mine from my nomadic buddy, Laura Hamilton, an on-the-road consultant for Thirty-one products.


Because space is always a priority aboard our rig, the “everything has a place” rule applies to all roadschool supplies. The Road Trip Teacher bag houses all the items above in one neat and tidy place.


This is the only thing we need to grab on the way out the door. Ready.. Set.. Roadschool!

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