Reality from the Road


Reality check.

When I tell people that we travel full-time, roadschool our kids, and work from the road, I usually get the few raised eyebrows (Are you kidding me?). But mostly, I get the “Atta-girl!” comments that go something like this: “Good for you! We always wanted to do that!” or “That’s our biggest dream.. to do that. Someday.” Well, we did it. We stopped right smack in the middle of Rat Race Road, regrouped, and found ourselves living in less than 400 sq. ft. on the road to everywhere. And we love it. Most of the time.

A few days before Christmas, my Dad’s brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Five days later, he was gone. He has lived a good, full life alongside my aunt, their three daughters and their families. But, I wasn’t ready for him to leave this Earth. He was only 69 years young. And, I’m heartsick this morning as I realize that I won’t be back home for his memorial service.

My dad’s side of the family is big. He has five siblings and I have a brother plus eleven cousins. When you get all of us together with our families, there are 80+ Hendricksons’s. Our family has grown, busting at the seams over the past decade, while solemnly the roots and three anchors from our family tree. This extended family fights loud, plays hard, and loves big. This week, we mourn together. Except, I am not there.

I am on the road with four kids and a husband 1100 miles away. It’s the holiday season and flights are astronomical. Leaving my nest, even if I found a flight, would mean my ducklings would be left behind while Dad is in the middle of a big project. Just not possible.

Reality Check. I am not going home for my uncle’s funeral. I know he understands. My Dad understands. My family understands. I understand. But, I have a heavy heart today for the loved ones of this husband, dad, grandpa, brother, uncle, and friend. He was loved by all and will be missed by many.

The reality is, that living a life on the road has it’s own set of imperfections. At the end of this day, I am sad about the death of my uncle and missing the services. I am reminded of another certainty; that life really is so much shorter than we know. There are only seven days in a week and Someday is not one of them. In that regard, I will wake up tomorrow grateful for the blessings I have been given and so very thankful to unearth the journey ahead one mile at a time.


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    No one ever said that life on the road would be easy. As you know the road has its ups and downs. We hope there are more ups than downs but that cannot be predicted. Live the Life that has been dealt to you right now. None of us know what cards we will be handed. Like Kenny Rogers in his song says ” you have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them”, know when to walk away, know when to run” . It’s a sad time in your life right now and big decisions had to be made. You are not running away! You are holding the fort down on the road. It’s the life you have chosen and like you said it has “it’s imperfections”. This is the journey you are on and you will learn “one mile at a time” that there are and will be many bumps in the road . You will learn to roll and bounce with them . In the words of Helen Ready ” I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR ,,,,, I AM INVINCIBLE, I AM STRONG, I AM WOMAN” ! …..” Weep no more my lady” “Oh weep no more today” ” We will sing one song for the Old Kentucky ( Indiana) Home, for the Old Kentucky ( Indiana ) Home Far Away”.

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