Operation RV Organization: Kitchen

If you follow Diary of a Road Mom, you know that I didn’t make any big resolutions for the New Year. Instead, I am making gradual changes each month and sticking to the focus of a single word: Intentional. It’s hard to stick to purposeful planning if you’re not organized. So, when I opened the cabinet under the sink this morning to find something that I couldn’t even see, I decided to take a small detour in my day and fix the problem. At that point, I won half the battle by deciding to take action.

If you are like me, I have a list of things I am doing in my head. The list of things I am really doing, is much shorter. #realtruth

I have a bad habit of wanting to do everything perfectly and with a grand scheme in mind. The normal me would have wanted to wait until I had emptied the Clorox wipes bottle and decorated it to match some theme to hold my plastic sacks in. (Thanks, Pinterest.) I don’t lack the enthusiasm to finish new projects, I just get a little sidetracked with my expectations. ¬†Ordinarily, I would have made a quick trip to peruse the aisles of the “home organization” section at Wal-mart or Target before I could ever attempt to check-mark this organizing task off my to do list.

Today is different. I made a deal with myself several days ago, to live with intention. I promised myself that I would stop trying to live up to the high bar in the expectations department and just Do It! So this morning, after looking under my kitchen cabinet to see this:

Before USKC

I stopped what I was doing, and unloaded the cabinet. All of it. I grabbed a trash bag and the vacuum. (We all have one of those, right?) I’ll admit I had a few things in the RV basement from previous organization projects (that didn’t get used before, because I really didn’t need them!) I got a rid of a few things that didn’t belong in the kitchen such as the bathroom cleaners. I also took the black crate out of the cabinet. It’s already dark under the kitchen cabinet. Why in the world did I think that putting items in a dark crate would be helpful in quickly finding necessary items?

After 15 minutes, (yes, I said 15!), this is what the cabinet under my RV kitchen sink looks like now:

After USKC

While I did relocate a few items from the original mess in the cabinet, I also found a place for the cookie sheets and glass casserole dishes you see on the left that had been residing on my kitchen counter. Now, I can easily grab a clear storage bag when I need it. You’ll note that my plastic storage bags are in a repurposed Clorox wipes bottle that is NOT decorated. I’ll save that for another day. In the meantime, this cabinet got an immediate, purposeful redo. And do you know what the best part is? I am inspired to reorganize the rest of my kitchen!

So stay tuned for Operation Organization in my RV Kitchen. I’ll be posting all the details and pictures. Like the Diary of a Road Mom Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter so you won’t miss all the details!

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