New Month, New Word

new month new word

This roadschool mom has been on holiday break for a good three weeks. I love the flexibility that homeschooling provides. Even though I originally planned on keeping on the homeschool track through most of December, I found that my roadschool crew was ready for a change. We finished up our chapters, units, and books that we were working on earlier this month and faded into the flurry of the holiday season.

The last three weeks have been thoroughly enjoyed by all. Even though no one has officially logged into their Time4Learning account or picked up a workbook, I found that the quest for learning still surfaced on more days than not. Over the past few months, my boys have been introduced to the term unschooling. They are intrigued by the term and I’ve found that giving them more freedom to explore their own education has actually improved their level of interest in what they are learning. I’m not declaring myself any type of roadschooler. But, I am saying that our homeschool experience on the road is evolving, just like everything else with this lifestyle.

I’ve stopped myself this year from making big plans for the new year. Nope. I don’t have any grand resolutions. There are no big expectations on our homeschool path. Instead, I am going to look at the coming year a month at a time. And for each month, I am going to focus on a word. Our family is starting the new year with a purpose. We are going to be intentional.

Instead of a stack of lessons plans on my table, I have a set of goals in mind for what I am calling the Roadschool 101 of our rig. Our roadschool is evolving to learning with self-directed purpose. I want my life learners to have the internal motivation to succeed and achieve their educational goals. To be clear, I am not jumping on (or off!) any bandwagons here. I still believe that reading, writing, and arithmetic are the basics of our education. Who we are, and where we come from, and how the world works, is still important.  We are just going to unlace the school shoes a bit and see how far we can run on a different path.

The goals in our household for the month are broad and I am not being weighed down by resolutions and unrealistic expectations. Instead, I have a fresh attitude that involves being more purposeful in my planning. I’ll talk more about it next week. For now, just know that

Today is my life. I will live it with intention.

And along the way, I am going to embrace the journey. Happy New Year!


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    Exploing on their own and deciding on their own is a learning process in itself ., Enjoy the
    road less traveled and make your own mark in life .

  2. 3

    Great article! Thnx for sharing! We have been on the road 6 months today with our family. The journey of a lifetime.

  3. 5

    What a great attitude! We’ve bounced around homeschooling “styles” a bit over the last few years too but like you I hesitate to apply a label. Wishing you the best in this new year.

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