No More Nagging! 3 Simple Words

Well it’s only the first week into my Polly Positive New Year with my INTENTIONAL plan for parenting, as well as other areas of my life. And, I want to stay in bed, in my pajamas, with a box of Whitman’s chocolates that I swear is calling my name from a sack which I hid them in from myself. There are two things going on in our rig: bickering and nagging. And it’s driving me crazy. I’m going to solve one of them starting today. How about that for INTENTIONAL.

Nagging PicWhen my kids want something (especially my youngest), they ask. And ask… and ask again. I am not usually a candidate for textbook parenting; however, I read this solution on the Positive Parenting blog from Lynn Lott and it made sense. My kids can be naggers. But they usually know how far they can push me with a look and a tone. I believe I can provide the look and tone with these three simple words: “Asked and Answered.” Here’s how it works.

The next time, my five-year old begs to paint her fingernails blue while laying on the bed while watching Doc McStuffins and won’t take “no” for an answer, I will not repeat myself. And I won’t get sucked into the nagging negotiation by following the steps below:

  1. I will ask, “Have you ever heard of ‘Asked and Answered?'” (To which she will say “no”)
  2. Next, I will ask, “Did you ask me a question about painting your fingernails?” (She will probably eagerly answer “yes.”)
  3. I will then ask, “Did I answer it?” (She will now sheepishly say “Yes, but…” while turning on the charm that’s been five-years in the making.)
  4. Finally, I will ask, “Do I look like the kind of Mom who will change her mind if you ask me the same thing over and over again?” (I’m not sure what her reaction will really be but here’s the best part of this parenting solution challenge:)
  5. If she asks again, I will simply say “Asked and answered.” No other words are necessary and I have the last word. As it should be, intentional-parenting Road Moms!

I’m not sure how long it will take to establish this little technique but I’m going to try it. And just for the record, I’m not one of those new age namby pamby’s . But I have four mini-me’s aboard my rig, and the shortest one… she asks a lot of questions. No means no in my house. But she’s a thinker. And so am I. So this is how I intend to bring her into the game by my rules.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. 1

    Those three ” not so little words” rank right up there with a ” very big lesson “‘to be learned . Keep up the good work !

  2. 2

    love this! totally will be saying this tomorrow – I’ll let you know how it goes!

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