Minecraft for Roadschool? Yes!!

A few months ago, I discovered When You Rise Up and the awesome classes available there. My boys, 10 & 12, have recently completed the Exploring Geometry (live) class and couldn’t be more thrilled with this new addition to their roadschool experience. Each has already checked out the other classes available through this great resource and have taken advantage of the SKrafty server that has gotten rave reviews across all the Minecrafters aboard our rig.

I’ll admit that I was not a big Minecraft fan in the beginning. Any video game that attracts that much attention from any one of my kids, let alone all four, makes me just plain irritated. In my quest to listen more and judge less in the realm of our roadschool, I gave it a chance. Over the past months, I have been pleasantly surprised at how many opportunities I have found to use the Minecraft obsession in our rig to engage and educate my learners, ages 5-12. Whether it’s a specific project, a writing prompt, or a reward for creative play, Minecraft has a definite place in our homeschool curriculum. I find that this video game promotes teamwork and creativity while honing in on problem solving and survivalist skills.

If you are looking for something new to recharge your roadschool day, check out When You Rise Up and see how this educational resource can benefit your learners, too.

When You Rise Up


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