Home Is Where You Park It

Family Road TripIf you had told me a few years ago, even a year ago, that we would be considering a full-time traveling lifestyle, I would have told you, you were crazy! But I see it now. I see it very clearly. And even more, I feel it. Once you get the traveling bug, it’s not something that goes away. It doesn’t matter whether you are a full-time family on the road, or a part-timer, or a weekender or even someone who just gets away whenever you can, it’s like having a leap list with no end. There are places you want to go. There are places you want to go back to. There are places that you didn’t even know existed that are in places you have never even heard of.

I was introduced to “camping” when I was a kid. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s (uh, hum) my parents had a TT (that’s short for “travel trailer” if you didn’t already know). We had a travel trailer and I could count on one week every summer that we would take it somewhere exciting and new. And on many weekends, we took it to meet up with my aunts, uncles & cousins at Lake Shelbyville in Illinois. Then I grew up and eventually got married, started raising our family and got about the business of living the “normal” life. Work hard, play hard, work some more, keep running on the wheel as they say. All signs pointed to a “normal” life. Kids went to school, parents went to work, everyone on a tightrope to keep up with the rigorous schedules of school, work, activities, friends, events… the list went on.

I wouldn’t say anyone in our household was unhappy. We didn’t have any horror stories regarding our public school district. In fact, I can say that my three elementary students had awesome teachers. But, there were occasional grumblings of the usual “life is short”. Somewhere along the line, we sold our business and in determining what to do with the next chapter of our life, my husband decided we should buy an RV. It started out with no specific plan. But quickly it turned into a Class A motor coach with a tow vehicle and fast forward: we have traveled almost nine out of the past twelve months. We’ve traveled more than 15,000 miles and seen the borders of 27 states in the past year. We pulled our kiddos out of the public school system and quickly adapted to the road school life. Our boys played baseball in a SW Florida Little League and our daughter, on a gymnastics team back “home” practiced at an all-new and every accommodating gym as well as competed in the state finals there. To say that life changed overnight, is an understatement. A new transformation was in motion the very first time we pulled out of our driveway anticipating the road ahead. We began living and learning, one mile at a time.

Gone were the days of rushing through the daylight hours to get everyone in bed while mentally arranging the next day’s craziness. In it’s place were days filled with family time, hands-on learning set to individual paces and the excitement to see what new paths we would cross with each new day. Even though we missed our pets back “home” and many of our friends and family, we were all bitten by the road life bug. Each of us has a quest for more.

It’s strange because if you knew me prior to the past several months, you would know I am resistant to change and very much a person who doesn’t vary from a routine. I eat the same thing at an Arby’s restaurant that I ate back in 1986 when I worked there in high school. But traveling and being on the road, waking up to a brand new experience each day is exhilarating and I love it. Relationships in our family have gotten stronger. Our faith has been restored to the center foundation of our family as it should be. Material things have become less and less of a focus for us, and our kids. School, or road school as we call it, has opened up a whole new way of learning for everyone. There is a freedom that we have acquired while living on the road. We are blessed to have found this way of life and have all come to realize that for us, Home is where you park it.


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    Love this!

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    Joyce Bruett says

    So jealous of the travel, but happy you’ve found your way with road schooling. I agree with the family closeness. I never knew it could have gotten better than loving my kids & husband and living life the “normal” way. Now I know better.

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    Cathy Leo says

    When you take your home with you and travel with your family you experience the best of both worlds. The ” Little”world that you reside in with your husband and your children and the ” Big” world on the road that surrounds you everyday.
    Home schooling can’t get any better.

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