Finding My Tribe

When I woke up this morning, finding my tribe was not the first thing on my mind. Actually, my thought process immediately broke into defense mode in my trying to find a reason to go back to sleep. The dogs were in desperate need of going out. Yes, I have four kids and yes, dog duties are their job. Lately, the interim between nagging and action leads to an accident on the floor of the RV. So, on this morning, I just let them out myself. It seems easier than starting off the day arguing with my tribe at home.

I had a Polly Positive attitude for approximately 3.5 seconds before I realized it is Monday. I hate Mondays. The beginning of another long week with a new set of worries. What bills need to be paid. Which issues need to be dealt with immediately. What issues are leftover from last week that were not dealt with effectively.

Just those 3 thoughts are enough to send me into a deep sleep depression that won’t lift for at least the week that I am dreading. After all, isn’t things around here so dang depressing? After all, my healthy four kids are sleeping soundly and safely. We all had plenty of food to eat yesterday, today, last week. It might not seem like the bills are paid, but they are. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I received all kinds of special treatment and reminders that I am loved. Yep, you see where this is going. There is NOTHing worth being mopey about. Maybe, I should be spending more mental time on finding my tribe.

Getting Out of My Own Way

It’s a beautiful, warm spring day in the Midwest. In fact, it’s gorgeous outside. In fact, there is a whole day ahead gifted to me to do with what I please. I’m not sure if it’s a case of spring fever gone back or just the weight of the curriculum crunch, but I seriously can’t get out of my own way today.

And, then I picked up my phone. My beautiful (inside & out) co-host over at Roadschool Moms had sent me a message yesterday. I didn’t see it until today because I promised my kids that I wouldn’t be on the phone on Mother’s Day. (Yep, a promise I actually kept.) Holly texted a sweet Mother’s Day message but here are the words that meant the most: “to one of the best mamas I know.” That girl knows how to keep a sista’ lifted up. I can’t wait to see her later this month.

Not long after reading that text, I got an email from KT (my former RSM co-host, traveling buddy that quickly turned soul sister.) Kim is a spiritual compass who sends me scripture and encouragement often. Not the fluffy kind. She is a tough-love kind of girl. Our youngest girls are best friends. We are so looking forward to seeing them later this week.

While I was trudging around the RV, I complain to myself of nothing to wear. Why couldn’t I lose just about 10 lbs? I hear my phone “ding” with a FB message. Fellow traveling mama Mandie reminds me that her family missed us at the Fulltime Families rally over the weekend and they are heading our way so that our families can connect. Our daughters are buddies.

I was surprised to see my Mom calling in this morning. I just talked to her last night. She is calling to let me know that an old friend had stopped at my family’s restaurant back home to see if I happened to be in town. Kelley and I go way back. We have that relationship where we know way too much about each other to ever be on opposite sides. *wink*  Old friends are the best.

Finding Joy Every Day

About that time, all the troops came bounding in. They are all starving of course. The chatter among them is deafening but full of sunshine. I finally felt a fuzzy spot in my heart as I looked into those four faces. My biggest blessing is four happy, healthy kids.

My family will tell you that I constantly remind them to find the joy in every day. There is plenty of joy to go around on this day even if it is a Monday. Today I realize that finding my tribe is easy. My tribe found me.

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