5 R’s to Ease Back Into Roadschool After a Break

DSC_9901Roadschool after a break can be a little stressful if I’m not in the right mindset. As much as I thoroughly enjoy the total intentional family time of the holidays or planned downtime, I also look forward to a new day or even a new year. We make it our objective to homeschool year round and  learn something new every day.

If we are away from our roadschool routine for a few weeks, here is how I get my crew back into the swing of things in our rig.

Read. There is no better pastime, in my Road Mom opinion than reading. Reading is good for your brain and applies to all ages. It is a simple yet universal assignment to delegate to everyone in our gang. Let the 12-yr old read aloud to the 9-yr old (yep, “two birds with one stone.”) Let the high schooler use the Kindle to curl up with a good book in his favorite spot outside. And finally, encourage my middle schooler a/k/a reluctant reader to cruise the internet helping me with a little roadschool research; thereby, creating productive time for me (while he reads and doesn’t even know it.)

Relax. I refuse to get uptight about the schedule. I did it in my first year of homeschooling on the road and made life miserable for me and the four shorter people in my RV. I admit that I feel a little behind on where I want to be in our learning adventure sometimes However, I will not cram a crazy agenda down their throats. (Breathe in, breathe out.)

Rest. The power source that keeps the mind alert and calm is sleep. It recharges our internal batteries. Every restful night of sleep and every nap leads to being optimally alert. This state is when we are most receptive to the world around us. It produces the best attention span to learn the most. (Read more about Children and Sleep.)

Reward. Let’s face it, there’s no better leverage in human behavior than rewards.  Whether your sticking to your daily diet to get to the seventh day for dessert or a kid reading for computer time, keeping your eye on the prize works every time. So, in the midst of getting back to your routine, take a break. Go to the park. Stop and go get ice cream cones. Ring the recess bell and paint fingernails or bounce basketballs. Whatever your crew’s pleasure, take an unexpected detour and enjoy their smiles.

Rejoice. This part is easy. Sing songs. Recall meaningful memories from recent and past experiences. Pray together and find joy in whatever day God has made.

 Psalm 118:24 – This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

*From Road Trip Teacher. For more roadschool inspiration and learning resources, check out Roadschool 101 and subscribe for your free copy of the Across America Puzzlebook.


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    I love your summary of the “5 R’s” and your choice of scripture at the bottom! Amen!! ~ Great to connect! Look forward to crossing paths along the way! Enjoy the journey … –c–

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