Coming: 5 Days to Planning your Holiday Dinner in the RV

DSC_0235Yikes. This time in just a few weeks, Christmas will be less than 48 hours away. If you are like me, there are still lots of items on your “to-do” list. Presents and wrapping and cooking, oh my! I have slowed down this past week to enjoy time with my kiddos and our beautiful surroundings in SouthWest Florida. We are excited, and a little sad, but mostly excited to be spending our first Christmas on the road. One of the littles in our rig reminded me this morning that I always say “Home is where you park it.” And… that means Christmas is where we’re parked! For a midwestern girl who is used to dreaming of a white Christmas, putting lights in palm trees is a little out of my realm of imagination.

This week, I am planning our holiday meal right down to the tableware. Get your list out, Road Moms, and check it twice for what you are missing for your holiday meal plans. We’ll cover the salads, entree, side dishes, desserts, and the table decorations. When we get to the end of this week, you’ll have plenty of ideas to take with you into next week’s preparation of the big feast.

Stay tuned for the Part 1 of the 5-day plan to Planning Your Holiday Dinner in the RV later today!


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    Anxious to hear about your Christmas on the Road. Sounds like you will be replacing” Snow with Sun” this year for the Christmas Holiday. I did it one time when we left NJ on Christmas Eve and traveled all day and night to arrive in Florida for Christmas Day. Experiences like this make your Life Full. Looking forward to hearing all about your new experience and your new ideas for the rest of “The Chicks Without Bricks”.

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