Great Expectations

Great expectations are easy to come by and hard to live with. No matter how many people tell you how much you DO NOT need when traveling on the road, it takes your own experiences to come to this realization. You don’t even have to be behind the wheel of an RV to take advantage {Read More…}

5 R’s to Ease Back Into Roadschool After a Break

Roadschool after a break can be a little stressful if I’m not in the right mindset. As much as I thoroughly enjoy the total intentional family time of the holidays or planned downtime, I also look forward to a new day or even a new year. We make it our objective to homeschool year round and {Read More…}

Unplug Your Family

One of the biggest motivations for our crew to take our life on the road was to reconnect with each other as a family and strengthen our relationships with the Lord. I find it harder and harder to do this when so much of our day is consumed with screen time of all kinds. Smart phones, {Read More…}

Options for Health Insurance on the Road

If you are living in an RV or some other fashion on the road, health insurance is a common challenge in one form or another. With the recent changes in the health insurance laws, Affordable Care Act (ACA), the tangled web of information has transformed into an even greater beast of unanswered questions. Although the answers {Read More…}

No More Nagging! 3 Simple Words

Well it’s only the first week into my Polly Positive New Year with my INTENTIONAL plan for parenting, as well as other areas of my life. And, I want to stay in bed, in my pajamas, with a box of Whitman’s chocolates that I swear is calling my name from a sack which I hid {Read More…}

Reality from the Road

Reality check. When I tell people that we travel full-time, roadschool our kids, and work from the road, I usually get the few raised eyebrows (Are you kidding me?). But mostly, I get the “Atta-girl!” comments that go something like this: “Good for you! We always wanted to do that!” or “That’s our biggest dream.. {Read More…}