5 Confessions From This Homeschool Road Mom

We are roadschoolers. As a traveling family, we take advantage of our experiences to take our crew on a learning road trip. Our lifestyle is a little controversial to those outside of our circle. There’s raised eyebrows in many instances and interrogations from the curious who just don’t seem to understand how or why we {Read More…}

New Month, New Word

This roadschool mom has been on holiday break for a good three weeks. I love the flexibility that homeschooling provides. Even though I originally planned on keeping on the homeschool track through most of December, I found that my roadschool crew was ready for a change. We finished up our chapters, units, and books that {Read More…}

Reality from the Road

Reality check. When I tell people that we travel full-time, roadschool our kids, and work from the road, I usually get the few raised eyebrows (Are you kidding me?). But mostly, I get the “Atta-girl!” comments that go something like this: “Good for you! We always wanted to do that!” or “That’s our biggest dream.. {Read More…}