Operation RV Organization: Kitchen

If you follow Diary of a Road Mom, you know that I didn’t make any big resolutions for the New Year. Instead, I am making gradual changes each month and sticking to the focus of a single word: Intentional. It’s hard to stick to purposeful planning if you’re not organized. So, when I opened the {Read More…}

Coming: 5 Days to Planning your Holiday Dinner in the RV

Yikes. This time in just a few weeks, Christmas will be less than 48 hours away. If you are like me, there are still lots of items on your “to-do” list. Presents and wrapping and cooking, oh my! I have slowed down this past week to enjoy time with my kiddos and our beautiful surroundings {Read More…}

5 Days to Planning Your Holiday Dinner in the RV: Part 4

If you have been following the series this week, you should have a pretty good start to a well-planned holiday dinner for next week. And most of the cooking and baking so far, can be done in a convection (microwave) oven. I snatched my Gram’s recipe for deviled eggs yesterday for a yummy side. Today {Read More…}

5 Days to Planning Your Holiday Dinner in the RV: Part 3

A trip back to my Gram’s recipe box this morning revealed lots of yummy side dishes we have enjoyed over the years for many special and everyday dinners. That’s the thing about my Grammy. Her home-style cooking made every meal special. I wish I had a nickel for every dozen deviled eggs that my Gram {Read More…}

5 Days to Planning Your Holiday Dinner in the RV: Part 2

Savory salads are important to any meal in our rig. Generally, for a big Sunday dinner or a special holiday meal, I like to include a green salad in some form in addition to a fruit or other variation salad. This way, most of my hungry hooligans will eat one or the other. Caesar salads {Read More…}

5 Days to Planning Your Holiday Dinner in the RV: Part 1

Lucky for me, I’ve done some experimenting in my microwave/convection oven over the past month. On Thanksgiving, I rolled out the most fantastic, roasted turkey  that I quite possibly have ever cooked. And, I did it in just under four hours in the convection roast mode of my oven in our rig. In order to {Read More…}

Switching Gears

Regardless of how you celebrate the holiday season, the upcoming weeks will be busy. As I look ahead to just a few short weeks until Christmas, I am already feeling the time crunch. I am looking for ways to make the days ahead a little less stressful. (Fingers crossed.) Since we’ve been on the road, {Read More…}

Five Things Not To Do in Your RV Convection Microwave Oven

I am almost embarrassed to admit that we traveled in our rig for about 18 months before I attempted to use the microwave/convection oven combination. Of course, I used the microwave the very first day we set out on our very first adventure: to heat something up. I used it to pop popcorn for movie {Read More…}

Ready! Snacks! Go!

Let’s face it. When you are leaving for a road trip there are so many things on the ‘to do’ list. Shopping. Organizing. Packing. For me, there is a lot of list-making. Reorganizing. Repacking. Inevitably, when the last few things are checked off the final list, someone utters those two words:  “I’m starving!”  All eyes {Read More…}