Ready… Set… Roadschool!

The Road Trip Teacher has a bag of roadschool tricks. We do not go anywhere without the Road Trip Teacher bag. Because we love lapbooks, items in our bag reflect this style of learning. We take this bag wherever we go and always have what we need for the next learning roadtrip. Roadschool Tools of {Read More…}

5 Tips to Declare a Domicile State

Fulltime RVing families have the opportunity to declare any state in the union as their domicile or residency state. With all the choices, this freedom and flexibility can leave the decision-maker in a state of confusion. While the choice is by no means a permanent one, determining the best option for declaring a domicile state the {Read More…}

RV Lingo as a Second Language

New RVers will think they take on RV Lingo as a new second language! As with any sport, niche, or lifestyle, new words come up that take on new meaning. Although our family camped when I was younger, most of the RV lingo was like a foreign language to me. It didn’t take long to {Read More…}

Sending Your Kid on an Airplane Alone

Sending your kid on an airplane alone? The thought probably seems like a foreign idea for families new to fulltime RVing. Why in the world would this ever come up when the RV lifestyle provides so much travel flexibility? You would be surprised. There are many reasons a child might need to travel alone on {Read More…}

Finding My Tribe

When I woke up this morning, finding my tribe was not the first thing on my mind. Actually, my thought process immediately broke into defense mode in my trying to find a reason to go back to sleep. The dogs were in desperate need of going out. Yes, I have four kids and yes, dog duties {Read More…}

Roadschool Organization

Roadschool organization on your mind? I have one number and two words for you. 3-Ring Binder I’ll admit to buying all kinds of crazy notions over the years to organize all kinds of everything. I am a gadget girl. I use all kinds of creations. Yep, I copycat all kinds of must-have organizational systems from {Read More…}

When life gives you strawberries…

Strawberry jam isn’t exactly the cure for a bad day. But, if there is one thing I know, it’s to enjoy each day and every single moment in it. It is in the best laid plans for the day that go awry that unknown opportunities arise. Monday was one of those days. We had been at a {Read More…}

Roadschool No RV Needed!

Roadschool, no RV needed? This probably sounds funny coming from our house. Our family has been on the road for almost six years in our motorhome exploring America’s backyard. What started out as a “few weeks” to make a cross-country loop to visit the west coast became a ten-week adventure that covered 17 states. It was during {Read More…}

Great Expectations

Great expectations are easy to come by and hard to live with. No matter how many people tell you how much you DO NOT need when traveling on the road, it takes your own experiences to come to this realization. You don’t even have to be behind the wheel of an RV to take advantage {Read More…}

5 R’s to Ease Back Into Roadschool After a Break

Roadschool after a break can be a little stressful if I’m not in the right mindset. As much as I thoroughly enjoy the total intentional family time of the holidays or planned downtime, I also look forward to a new day or even a new year. We make it our objective to homeschool year round and {Read More…}