Campfire Memories

Campfire memories should be a frequent occurrence in our fulltime RV travels. Ironically, I’ve probably sat around more campfires when we lived in our house back in Bloomington than I have the past few years. A great many campgrounds have campfire restrictions due to the weather, surroundings, or other factors.

To be honest, I’m never the first one to exclaim “Let’s have a campfire!”  As a matter of fact, when one of my kiddos suggest it, I probably grumble. It’s one of those things that you might think is too much trouble. On the contrary, though, it is so worth any extra effort it takes to carve out time around this intentional flame. Here’s another secret. I hate the campfire smokey smell in my hair. (Yeah, I know, silly right?)

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to stop by The Giles Frontier and visit with my Roadschool Moms co-host, Holly. I love sitting on her back porch enjoying the wildlife and view of the lake. Both times we’ve been there recently, she hosted a campfire. And both times, it was the highlight of my family’s memory from the visit. The last time, though, it was an especially wonderful night as my friend and I stayed outside long after all the others were tucked away inside. And, we reminisced about our childhood campfire memories. Of course, this included favorite campfire treats.

15 Favorite Campfire Recipes

breakfast foil packets

sheepherders breakfast

breakfast burritos

campfire french toast

campfire nachos

bbq chicken foil packets

.campfire chili cheese fries

hot ham n’ cheese

campfire hot dogs (yep, it’s more than just a dog on a stick)

campfire hash

campfire lasagna

grilled shrimp foil packets

campfire cones

campfire cobbler

campfire strawberries

blackberry white chocolate s’mores

campfire banana boat s’mores

pineapple upside down cake

On another note, my pie iron obsession for campfire cooking started at the beginning of our fulltime travel journey. They are heavy and a little hard to store but worth the trouble. I am always thankful that I have them when I need them. But that is another list of favorite recipes for the campfire!

Both Roadschool Moms agree the best memories from the recent campfire at The Giles Frontier is definitely the kids’ laughter heard over the crackling fire and buzz of the crickets in the night. Games of capture the flag and ditch lingered on as the fire burned to embers in the fire pit. Releasing kids in nature surely provide them with the best experience to explore and learn something new every day.

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