Sending Your Kid on an Airplane Alone

Sending your kid on an airplane alone? The thought probably seems like a foreign idea for families new to fulltime RVing. Why in the world would this ever come up when the RV lifestyle provides so much travel flexibility? You would be surprised. There are many reasons a child might need to travel alone on {Read More…}

Summer Roadschool Rules

If you’re looking for a list of rules to make your summer roadschool awesome, you’ve come to the wrong place! The Road Trip Teacher crew steers clear of any set-in-stone, cookie-cutter parameters that stifle the enthusiasm to learn something new every day. One of our favorite summer traditions in the Road Trip Teacher rig, is {Read More…}

Finding My Tribe

When I woke up this morning, finding my tribe was not the first thing on my mind. Actually, my thought process immediately broke into defense mode in my trying to find a reason to go back to sleep. The dogs were in desperate need of going out. Yes, I have four kids and yes, dog duties {Read More…}