Finding My Tribe

When I woke up this morning, finding my tribe was not the first thing on my mind. Actually, my thought process immediately broke into defense mode in my trying to find a reason to go back to sleep. The dogs were in desperate need of going out. Yes, I have four kids and yes, dog duties {Read More…}

Roadschool Organization

Roadschool organization on your mind? I have one number and two words for you. 3-Ring Binder I’ll admit to buying all kinds of crazy notions over the years to organize all kinds of everything. I am a gadget girl. I use all kinds of creations. Yep, I copycat all kinds of must-have organizational systems from {Read More…}

Roadschool No RV Needed!

Roadschool, no RV needed? This probably sounds funny coming from our house. Our family has been on the road for almost six years in our motorhome exploring America’s backyard. What started out as a “few weeks” to make a cross-country loop to visit the west coast became a ten-week adventure that covered 17 states. It was during {Read More…}