Ready… Set… Roadschool!

The Road Trip Teacher has a bag of roadschool tricks. We do not go anywhere without the Road Trip Teacher bag. Because we love lapbooks, items in our bag reflect this style of learning. We take this bag wherever we go and always have what we need for the next learning roadtrip. Roadschool Tools of {Read More…}

5 Tips to Declare a Domicile State

Fulltime RVing families have the opportunity to declare any state in the union as their domicile or residency state. With all the choices, this freedom and flexibility can leave the decision-maker in a state of confusion. While the choice is by no means a permanent one, determining the best optionĀ for declaring a domicile state the {Read More…}

RV Lingo as a Second Language

New RVers will think they take on RV Lingo as a new second language! As with any sport, niche, or lifestyle, new words come up that take on new meaning. Although our family camped when I was younger, most of the RV lingo was like a foreign language to me. It didn’t take long to {Read More…}