Best RV Tips for Severe Weather

It’s that time of year all across the country when intense storms can break out at any time. June is National Safety Month, the perfect time of year to review your family’s emergency plan. The safety of our family in our rig is a priority so we recently sat down with the Roadschool 101 crew to discuss the “what ifs” about severe weather. We put together 20 Best RV Tips for Severe Weather for you to share.

We have a saying in our house, “Don’t be scared. Be prepared.” It really does make a difference in an emergency situation if you have talked with your kiddos regarding a plan. Severe weather is scary in any situation; however, in an RV it can turn deadly in a matter of seconds. Don’t leave any questions unanswered. Download this guide today. And, talk with your loved ones today so you will sleep better tonight knowing you have prepared them in advance for a 911 situation.

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