It’s in the Bag: Ready! Set! Swim!

Assembling bags for certain activities and keeping them in your traveling inventory is a huge time-saver and helps keep your rig organized. Even though it may or may not be summertime where you are traveling, keeping a bag for “swimming” is a smart move. It should be a bag that zips or snaps to close and if there’s any inner pockets to keep little items separated, that’s even better. Before you start, make sure you have a clean suit for each member of your family. I also keep an extra suit for the 5 & under crowd in our household. Next grab 2-3 different sizes of Ziploc bags and in them, organize the following:

-face block
-lip balm with spf
-comb, leave-in conditioner, hair ties, barrettes, etc.
-deodorant, after-sun lotion
-small rings or coins for diving, small balls, misc toys, etc
-goggles, we have a pair for everyone plus a spare
-first aid including band-aids, antibiotic cream, self adhesive wrap,
swimmer’s ear, After-bite, eye drops

Swim Bag3

This is all the items that I gathered and placed in our swimming bag for our family of six (6). This organizing task took me less than an hour and saved me countless minutes, or more, every time we set out for the pool or beach!

Swim Bag4

Placing the bagged items together on one side of your carry-all and the suits on the other will keep someone shorter than you from upsetting your freshly organized tote looking for their swimsuit or a hair tie.

Swim Bag2

As a side note, when we are stationary or even “home”, I keep this bag in my car for impromptu stops. After use, it helps me inventory any needed items (more sunscreen!) And, in my grand scheme of “everything has a place”, it keeps all these like items together so we can…  Ready! Set! Swim!

Swim Bag1

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