5 Ways to Make Christmas Memories Today!

Good evening, Road Moms! The countdown is dwindling and tomorrow is Christmas Eve! (As if you needed someone to tell you how many DAYS there are until Christmas. Uh, one.) I hope you are enjoying every minute of every day of this magical season.

If you are stressing about all the things you didn’t get done. Please, stop. I made my own mental list a few hours ago. I didn’t get my annual Christmas cards out. We didn’t take a family Christmas picture. I didn’t take the kid’s Christmas picture that I told myself I would settle for instead of the family Christmas picture. I haven’t baked 10 kinds of cookies and just as many variations of candy.

But, we have enjoyed the season, just a little differently this year. It’s our first Christmas on the road and we decorated our tree outside in bare feet with palm trees in the background… (a huge contrast to our traditional Midwestern holiday that usually involves snow.) We handmade some Christmas ornaments. Tonight, we had an impromptu caroling session outside by the tree in the glow of the lights beside the lake where our home is currently parked. In that moment, I reminded myself how blessed I am and thought of 5 Ways to Make Christmas Memories This Holiday Season. No fuss. Just fun.

Sing. It doesn’t have to be a formal choir session. Just gather everyone together and sing. I promise there will be instant smiles.. and instant memories.

Read. Pick a comfy spot and call your gang together. Read aloud with your family. Read the Christmas Story from the Bible. Read your favorite Christmas fable. Read the legend of the candy cane. Choose something and share it among your crew.

Play. Bring your family together and make it merry. Dance in the snow. Skip in the sand. Play your favorite board game. Traveling? Entertain yourselves by playing a holiday version of the classic “telephone” game. The family that plays together, stays together.

Enjoy. Everything around you. Together. Whether it’s driving around looking at Christmas lights or walking through your neighborhood looking at the stars on Christmas Eve, enjoy your surroundings.

Serve. If you can easily carve out time to serve at a local food kitchen or your community in some other way as a family, do so. If not, there are other ways to remind our kids, and ourselves, how fortunate we are. Stop at a local nursing home and sing carols in the hallways for 30 minutes. Unload the cart of someone, with their blessing of course, at the grocery store. Pool everyone’s extra change together and leave it for an unsuspecting waitress/waiter working on the eve of this holiday. One small act of kindness, performed together, can make a big imprint in the memories of the ones you love.

No matter how you invest this last day before Christmas, spend intentional time with the ones you love.christmas cross There is one word above, with more than 5 letters, that appears in every paragraph:  “together”. That is the key to making memories to last a lifetime.  Remember the reason for this glorious season and rejoice in it.

Merry Christmas from Diary of a Road Mom. We wish you and your family a joyful season and best wishes for 2014.


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