5 Days to Planning Your Holiday Dinner in the RV: Part 4


If you have been following the series this week, you should have a pretty good start to a well-planned holiday dinner for next week. And most of the cooking and baking so far, can be done in a convection (microwave) oven. I snatched my Gram’s recipe for deviled eggs yesterday for a yummy side. Today we’ll add a few more sides to the spread.

Our family dinners always contain mashed potatoes! It’s a given on the menu in our rig.  I’ve made these refrigerator mashed potatoes before and they are super tasty. On the day of a family holiday meal, it’s a relief to know that this dish is already complete. It just requires about 30-45 minutes of oven time to heat through before serving. If the make-ahead potatoes are set out of the refrigerator for an hour or so before putting them in the oven, it will take less time to heat them through.

Another family favorite from my recipe box is this version of cooked carrots DSC_8027 that  I got long ago from the Taste of Home Annual Cookbook. They are always a huge hit, even with the younger crowd. The glaze the dish is cooked in produces a glossy carrot dish that is as pretty as it is savory for the dinner table. It has a hint of citrus and just a touch of cinnamon and ginger.

Because this week’s series for the holiday meal plan includes the seven-layer salad recipe, the carrot coins go well with the meal as an alternative to a green vegetable. Many times, my littles won’t even try such a dish. But the hint of citrus and touch of cinnamon and ginger is pleasing to the whole crowd.

Finally, this old family favorite from an old church cookbook always makes the Christmas dinner table in our rig. Baked pineapple is the perfect compliment to a ham dinner. It’s definitely not on the healthy list of dishes but its annual appearance on our table is always welcome!Scalloped Pineapple

If your making your holiday dinner menu and checking it twice, then you know that we almost have all the bases covered. The main course, salads, and side dishes. All that’s left is a few delectable desserts and we’ll be ready to set the table. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as we wrap up this five-part series to Plan a Holiday Dinner in the RV.

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