5 Days to Planning Your Holiday Dinner in the RV: Dessert

coconut cakeA holiday dinner wouldn’t be complete without the icing on the cake. Just like many other family favorites on the holiday table, the dessert list is no different. We always have coconut cake. The light, spongy texture of the cake and the fluffy sweet icing is the perfect ending to one of my favorite meals of the year. My Gram used to make this for me on my birthdays as well. It doesn’t matter if you bake this in 2 bigger layers, 3 smaller layers or just in a 9 x 13 pan to save time. The outcome is the same: one yummy grand finale for your holiday fare!


DSC_0834 - Version 2High-fives for great desserts wouldn’t be given in our rig without something chocolate. I have to go back to my Gram’s recipe box for her chocolate sheet cake. This eggless variation of a timeless classic recipe is the best ever. The secret to the cake is the cooked icing. It sets up on the cake like candy and is mouthwatering. It’s so easy to turn this cake into a themed classic with holiday-specific sprinkles. It’s best to keep this dessert in the refrigerator if possible to keep the icing fresh.



DSC_0660 - Version 2A holiday meal wouldn’t be complete without Cherry Dream. In my recipe box, you’ll find many recipes to my Gram and her kitchen, which is where I learned to love to cook. But this recipe, is from my Mom. She made this cherry dessert for my brothers birthday every year and many other times as well. Different variations of pie filling can be used on top. On July 4th, I usually make this recipe and in the corner, instead of cherry pie filling, I use blueberry pie filling. For the rest of the top layer, I spoon the cherry pie filling in stripes (so the second layer of white shows through). The end result is the same yummy dessert with a patriotic flare.


I’ll admit I like a dramatic ending to my holiday get togethers so I like to create trays of delicious delights like the one below taken from one of our favorite places The Bubble Room. This unforgettable restaurant is located on the tip of Captiva Island in SouthWest Florida. If you ever get the chance to stop in, you won’t be disappointed. The atmosphere is quirky and fun. All the tables are huge shadow boxes of antiques, collectables, and trinkets of all kinds. More than 7,000 posters decorate the walls. The motto there is that “It’s always Christmas at the Bubble Room”. Time there is well-spent and the desserts are too delectable to even describe! Now… back to our own holiday dessert tray!

Bubble Room Desserts

This year’s dessert tray will include coconut cake, chocolate sheet cake, cherry dream dessert, a few different kinds of Christmas cookies that we’ve made this week, and some pieces of Christmas candy we’ve managed to concoct while we are enjoying the season.

The last task on my Holiday Dinner Plan is to get holiday dessert-sized paper plates and napkins. I picked up a Christmas table cloth in the grocery store to decorate the table. I’ll be adding a few candles to the middle of the table for decoration. Watch this weekend for a free printable grocery list to include everything we’ve discussed in planning this year’s Holiday Dinner in the RV! Happy Holidays!


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