5 Confessions From This Homeschool Road Mom

We are roadschoolers. As a traveling family, we take advantage of our experiences to take our crew on a learning road trip. Our lifestyle is a little controversial to those outside of our circle. There’s raised eyebrows in many instances and interrogations from the curious who just don’t seem to understand how or why we would “do this” to our kids. That’s ok. I’m comfortable with the decisions we make for our family. But, because of the spotlight that seems to shine on our lifestyle, I have found myself trying to walk the chalk. Or.. at least act like I am walking the chalk. But I have a confession. I’m not perfect. And, our homeschool on the road isn’t built on the same foundation as the traditional public school system.


  1. We do not get up at dawn. We don’t get dressed on some days, before noon. We actually do school in our pajamas on some days. Sometimes I am working on my computer late at night and at least two of my four kidlets are playing Minecraft on their computers. The mornings after these nights, we may not get up until after 9 a.m. (Gasp!)
  2. We don’t follow a schedule. Sometimes we don’t have an official science lesson for a week. Other times, we might only study scientific processes for days. We are actually roadschoolers with unschooling tendencies. If someone follows a butterfly out the door one morning, she might spend all day learning and living the subject of butterflies.
  3. We don’t always stick to grade-level curricula across the board. Sometimes, my sixth grader reads Corduroy books to my pre-schooler. On many occasions, my second and fourth graders do lapbook projects together. It’s my hope that the older sibling challenges the younger one while she might inject some much-needed creativity into his project.
  4. Life skills count as roadschool instruction. Yep, you heard it here. Baking a cake counts. Helping with the grocery shopping is credited to my learners day. I believe the best way to teach my life learners is to bring them out into this big, colorful world and let them see, hear, smell, and feel their way through experiences that will mold them into gracious, responsible young adults.
  5. We don’t have a long-term plan etched in stone.  Let’s face it, our life literally changes with the direction of the highway. The flexibility of our lifestyle at this season of our life on the road is what I love most. We absolutely strive to provide our kids a stable environment with long-term goals. However, I have stopped feeling inadequate when someone asks “WHAT will you do when they are in high school??!!” Honestly, that’s not on my radar of current priorities. What I can tell you is that I am confident that all of my children are making progress in their education. They are becoming independent and motivated to learn something new everyday at their own stride. If a lesson comes up that I don’t understand myself, I research the information to teach it. If we need more explanation, we find additional resources. That’s the open-ended direction of our roadschool.

If you have been following my posts in this new year, you already know that we live with intention. I listen hard. We play, laugh, and pray everyday. I encourage my kids to walk to the edge, take risks, and seek new adventures. If I need to hold their hand until they know they can fly, I will. In the meantime, we will choose with no regret, make mistakes, and always tell the truth. Along the way, we will embrace the journey and remember

A bend in the road is NOT the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn.

-Author Unknown



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    Great post!

    we have been on the road 6 months and are asked this often.

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